Who Makes the Decisions in Childbirth?

People engaging in prenatal care has a common aim: healthy mothers, and healthy babies. Governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and care givers are engaging around the world to assist to guarantee that every woman and baby survives birth. But everything is put at risk during pregnancy and childbirth not only survival, and maieutic schemes of care can either defend or disturb the fundamental human rights of the women they work with. The care that women get during pregnancy and childbirth time overlaps with the rights to physical integrity, self-determination, privacy, family life, and spiritual freedom.

Women do not deprive of their basic rights after they are pregnant. And yet, worldwide, women’s human rights are disputed and disrupted what has any relation to childbirth.

Examinations, interventions and procedures that have risks to mothers and their babies are habitually operated without consent form, or through forced compliance by means of threats or fear. When women come out of childbirth with post-partum PTSD from disrespect, abuse, or obstetric violence, the main aim of getting healthy mother and healthy baby has not been satisfied. https://mycanadianpharmacyteam.com/ may help you achieve healthy babys birth.

In many corners of the world, race or ethnic background plays an important role in women and families care. Often poor times, working class, minority, or marginalized humans get no care or inadequate maternity care, making maternal and infant mortality higher in these groups. HRiC acknowledges these discrepancies, and performs to make alteration in especially the most marginalized associations.

Every woman obtains the right to get access the healthcare maintenance that she, personally, is required for carrying out a healthy birth.

Every woman has the right for being respected as the decision-maker about her and her babys care . Every system of healthcare should be supplied to satisfy womens’ individual demands and personal decisions relating to childbirth. HRiC is organized to maintaining individuals and organizations efforts performing worldwide to advance the fundamental human rights of pregnant women.


Finale of the first HRiC Conference at The Hague