Customer Care Policy

My Canadian Pharmacy takes all the efforts to provide customers with a perfect customer care policy including:

  • guarantee of the lowest price;
  • convenient selection of products;
  • high-professional customer care service;
  • absolute safety and top-quality.

Guarantee of the Lowest Price

The lowest prices for non-prescription and prescription drugs from My Canadian Pharmacy are guaranteed. The lowest price is achieved due to the main specialization of our online pharmacy. Our store specializes in generic medications sale. It means we qualify for reducing the price due to the expenses reduction. We are deprived of the extra expenses for renting offices, advertising, further development and company amendment.

Convenient Selection of Products

My Canadian Pharmacy offers a wide range of medications either brand-name or generics. The manufacturers are diverse and authoritative distributing the medications meeting all the quality standards. There are several options for finding the right medication for your diagnosis. Every customer is made up his mind in using the most convenient one. Our online catalog is distinguished by categories named after the medical conditions or substances.

High-Professional Customer Care Service

Our customer care department performs its functions by ensuring almost 24 hours-support and assistance. Our operators are polite, friendly, attentive and skilled. They are employed to cope with the customers’ problems. You may address one of our operators by means of our email:

Absolute Safety and Top-Quality

The medications allowed for sale are high-quality meeting all the standards imposed by the FDA. The catalog includes prescription and non-prescription drugs which orders are processed by licensed and professional pharmacists. Though the sold drugs are generics they are used to be effective as their prototypes.