Shipping Policy

My Canadian Pharmacy is different from other online pharmacies by fast, convenient delivery with favorable terms. The order will be delivered to any country identified by our customers. All the orders are processed and dispensed within 1 -2 business days. Our online pharmacy offers 2 delivery services:

  • EMS delivery (Express with Online Tracking);
  • Standard (Registered AirMail delivery).

deliveryEMS Delivery with Online Tracking

Customers may choose an express delivery if they need to get the medication faster. Such a delivery service is known as Express Mail Service. The delivery timeframe lasts for 5-9 days after the moment the order is dispensed. The maximum delivery period is 14 days. You will be sent a tracking order when your order has been dispensed from the office.

Standard or Registered AirMail Delivery

Standard delivery lasts for 14-21 days. The day when your order is dispensed is considered a benchmark. The maximum delivery duration is 30 days. The parcels are discreet containing no labels with speaking what there is inside the parcel. There is no tracking, unfortunately.

If you arranged an order on the weekend they will be processed on the first working day. The email will be sent to you confirming the time of the order dispensing.

Orders containing more than 120 pills will be sent in two different non-transparent containers.

Refund and Return Policy

Become sure all the personal data is filled in correctly. My Canadian Pharmacy recommends customers to check all the data twice before clicking the button “Submit an Order”. If after submitting an order you understand the address is incorrect contact our support group as fast as possible. There will be no refund if your order has not delivered because of an incorrect address.

In the case when the medication you have bought is not effective in your case please contact our customer care department. We will send to you an address for return. The time this action can be done is 30 days. After the parcel is got, we will refund your order.