Human Rights Violations

Women do not lose their fundamental human rights when they get pregnant. Every human being has the following rights, regardless of his pregnancy status:

  • Right to Informed Consent;
  • Right to Refuse Medical Treatment;
  • Right to Health;
  • Right to Equal Treatment;
  • Right to Privacy;
  • Right to Life

Every day HRiC receives reports on human rights violations from all over the globe. We are collecting these reports to improve awareness of the patients associated with violation against women in birth. You can read all stories right here. If you have a personal experience youd would like to share, feel free to fill out this form. We hear some common stories from women who endured myriad wrongs during their pregnancies and births.

Human rights violations can be different:


  • Physical abuse includes such things as restraint, unnecessary procedures (for example, episiotomy), non-consented force and failure to provide pain relief;
  • Disrespect includes such things as blaming, humiliation, verbal abuse, bullying, reprimands;
  • Non-confidential care includes such things as lack of respect for religion or personality of the patient, unauthorized disclosure of personal data, physical exposure;
  • Non-consented care involves procedures that were performed without adequate information to enable the patient to make a correct decision, or when the patient was forced to make specific clinical choices;
  • Misinformed care involves parcial, non-transparent clinical information, which does not enable women to give true informed consent;
  • Depersonalized care includes an inflexible application of institutional policy, neglection of women’s individual circumstances;
  • Discriminatory care is unequal care based on personal attributes such as sexual orientation, disability, age, race, social status and economic status;
  • Abandonment of care: involves refusal to provide care if a patient is unable to pay.

If you have ever had your human rights violated and would like to share your experience, please fill out this form.