10 Interesting Facts about Erectile Dysfunction that will Make Every Man Think about It

A few years ago, doctors decided to replace the insulting the word «impotence» with «erectile dysfunction». But, besides the name, disease and the most frequent reasons for its occurrence, methods of its treatment have not changed. All the same, it depends only on the man, how long he will be able to please himself and his partner in bed. My Canadian Pharmacy brings to your attention to the 10 most interesting facts about erectile dysfunction, which will make every man think about his lifestyle.10 Interesting Facts about ED

Fact №1

Erectile dysfunction affects more than 150 million men all over the world.

Fact №2

Excess weight negatively affects male potency. Therefore, start fighting with beer tummies and extra pounds!

Fact №3

In men who smoke, sexual disorders occur twice as often as in non-smokers

Fact №4

If you have an irregular sexual life, this can be the reason for problems with potency. But too active sexual life with regular change of partners also will not bring benefit – it’s the easiest way to catch if not sexually transmitted diseases, then infection that can lead to serious complications (including complete impotence).

Fact №5

Many are mistaken, believing that only older men can not have an erection. Every fifth young man aged from 20 to 30 years experiences problems with potency.

Fact №6

If you are fond of cycling, then you have a good chance to join men impotent in bed.

Fact №7

My Canadian Pharmacy studies have shown that in men who are engaged in mental work, erectile dysfunction occurs 70% more often than in those who engage in manual work.

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Fact №8

Scientists predict that in the next 2 years men of different ages will be twice as many.

Fact №9

Only one in ten men suffering from erectile dysfunction goes to urologist-andrologist to ask for help to solve this problem.

Fact №10

Erectile dysfunction is curable in 95% of cases, regardless of the age of the patient. Significantly improve their sex life after treatment can both 20-year-old and 70-year-old patients. Do not attribute everything to age or hope that «it will pass by itself»! If you want to know how to increase potency, you need to contact a specialist (urologist or andrologist), be examined and treated!

If you have any problems with potency, do not neglect them – consult a doctor!