The List of The Best Foods That Boost Testosterone

A famous German philosopher and materialist said that “You are what you eat!“. We need food as air. A person can not live long without air, or breathing by polluted air. We take care of the quality of our health. We all try to choose food products that meet the quality standards. For example, we will not eat dirty foods. The guarantee of our health depends on the quality of the food we eat. Every book or article about a healthy lifestyle points out the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, but if you do not have enough for this, you can buy drugs to increase potency in .

Potency problems appeared in ancient times. Scientists learned that even the ancient Greeks suffered from erectile problems. However, at the same time, humanity did not stand still and solved its sexual problems. Long before the invention of Viagra and other drugs that boost testosterone, our ancestors noticed the “miraculous” effects of some food products: nuts, honey, decoctions of herbs. They can increase libido and tone a man. What foods are good for male potency? What foods kill libido? Canadian Pharmacy will answer these questions in this article.The List_ The Best Foods That Boost Testosterone

Vitamins for male potency

Foods contain the main sources of energy and “building material” necessary for the human body. The composition of “building material” includes vitamins that are especially useful for male potency.

Foods that contain vitamins A, E, B activate processes responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses. An increase in the rate of transmission improves potency and increases sexual pleasure. Greeks invented the name for this group of vitamins that can positively affect male potency – aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiac products include an element that increases male strength, activates erotic feelings, rejuvenates the body, and increase potency. Also, aphrodisiacs contribute to the release the male sex hormone testosterone.

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Foods that increase libido and testosterone

  • These are the foods with vitamins A, E and B. Vegetarian foods refer to this category. These vitamins are present in nut-plant plants: peanuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, nuts;
  • The ancient Romans increased potency with the help of onions. Mix onion with the egg, and you will get one of the most popular recipes for male libido. The main feature of onions is to restore the balance of hormones in the human body and increase male libido. Onions are used for various dishes, or separately;
  • Garlic is also an aphrodisiac which enhances male potency. Garlic increases blood circulation and cleans blood vessels. This procedure should be done once a year if you wonder how to improve potency and prolong life;
  • Turnip increases potency and releases testosterone;
  • Carrots are also useful for male potency. This product helps in the erectile dysfunction treatment;
  • Red sweet watermelon also has amazing properties to enhance male potency. A detailed study of the watermelon properties showed that it contains useful substances that dilate the blood vessels, which is characteristic of such drugs as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra from My Canadian Pharmacy. Watermelon promotes the expansion of blood vessels. They consist of lycopene, beta-carotene and citrulline. Relaxation of blood vessels occurs under the influence of citrulline, which is similar to the action of popular erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis.

Nuts for potency

One of the most useful natural products for male potency is nuts. Nuts have a large number of nutrients and increase potency. Walnuts contain potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, iodine, phosphorus and zinc. Zinc is necessary for the development of the sex glands. Zink regulates the amount of testosterone in blood.

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If you take 70-100 gr. walnuts every day for a month you can significantly improve your health. The following recipe positively influences male potency: take 12 nuts, chop them into small pieces. Mix them with dried fruits: figs, prunes, or raisins, mix everything, and put it in the cold. Take two teaspoons each day, with a glass of yogurt.

  • Pumpkin seeds are also useful for male potency;
  • Dairy products have a positive effect on male potency: cottage cheese sour cream, cheese, curdled milk, cream. Our staff wants you to know that not all dairy products increase male potency. Only natural milk that is useful for men. Such products as yogurt will not be useful for men’s health. Home-made dairy products are exactly what you need to increase potency;
  • Eat more seafoods if you care of your health, since they increase a male sexual power. Flounder and mackerel are the best potency enhancers. Cook fish products correctly, otherwise there will be no effect. Do not fry fish. Mussels, crawfish, shrimp also increase potency. Meat of sharks also stimulate libido.

Honey and male potency

Honey is a very useful product for male potency.The recipe is as follows: you need to take honey from the flowers of jasmine, orchid or marjoram. You can also increase male potency by mixing 100 grams of nuts with a table-spoon of honey. Thus, you will receive a wonderful mixture to increase potency.

Foods that decrease libido

  • Avoid vodka, beer and other alcoholic beverages. Alcohol increases potency for a very short period. If used regularly, alcohol causes impotence even in young men;
  • Mint chewing gums reduce male potency;
  • Fast food, donuts, French fries, mayonnaise, hot dogs are also detrimental;
  • Pepsi, coffee, Coke, and various energy only reduce male power and increase the load on the cardiovascular system, which results in myocardial infarction or a stroke;
  • Preservatives, nitrites and other additives in foodstuffs negatively affects male potency and cause erectile dysfunction.
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Keep to a balanced diet. Have a sound and healthy sleep. Do not forget about a healthy lifestyle!